Easter was amazing, now what?

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make our resurrection celebration such a joy filled day. Easter was amazing now what? So, what are we to do after the celebration of Easter is over? Do we just go about doing the same things that we have been doing up to Easter? Or does the experience of the Easter account change us and shape our living, or does it at least refresh our standing commitment to our faith in Christ?

I believe that the next steps following Easter will be in creating welcoming environments, relationships, and discipleship with people who will be surrendering their lives to Jesus in the days to come and doing what Jesus commanded… ”Go Out” taking the greatest story ever told to lost people. Our expectation needs to be heightened for an outpouring of the presence of Jesus as we make efforts to reach into our community with the message of hope that the resurrection of Jesus has stamped on our lives as Christ Followers. I’m believing for 2018 to be a year of increase and salvation’s for Saline First AG. 


John Cuff will be assisting me with teaching our mid-week bible study for the next several weeks. Thank you, John for your willingness to serve.


Donna and I are in the process of getting our home in Grand Rapids wrapped up to rent so we can get home to Saline very soon. Please pray that God will give wisdom as we seek new housing.


Sister Sherry Fortney…and brother Jerry have our personal contact information for any urgent requests until we get relocated. Also, I can be reached through church email   gsmith@salineag.org  I will be checking this regularly.If you need us we are here for you!


Thank you for your patience as we make this transition. We can hardly wait for our move so we can be where we belong. Our faith is high and we are believing God that our days ahead are going to filled with His glory and miracles. We will see you Sunday!


You are loved,

Pastor Glenn & Donna

Jeremiah 29:11