Online Giving Information & FAQ

Many churches are offering online giving these days and the statistics show why:  81% of Americans are online, 56% have smartphones, 66% pay bills online and 61% of churches have giving online in place.  Online giving works just like our normal offering where you can give funds to the ministries of your choice, set up recurring gifts or submit a one-time love offering.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely.  Upon entering the online giving page the first time you will need to register on the left-hand side of the page.  After you register you can put in the amount you wish to give, the ministry you’d like to give to and your credit or debit card information.  You can also setup recurring gifts.  You can ask our staff for assistance if you need it.
If you are comfortable with this option just click on the link below to get started.
We have text giving available as well.  To give via text just send a text message to (734) 235-0092 with the amount you would like to give.

Do I have to use Online Giving?

No. This is just an expedient and private way in which you can give to the church.  We will still receive an offering in the usual manner during each service.  You will always have the option to place your check or cash in the offering basket as it passes by.

Is Online Giving safe?

Yes.  Easy Tithe (the company that we use for online giving) uses the highest set of security standards in the payment card industry.  No one will have access to your sensitive information that might lead to an unauthorized transaction.