Saline Welcomes New Pastor

Glenn and Donna Smith were visiting our church this week trying to meet as many people as they could. People came to meet them Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday. More came this morning to hear him preach and to vote on whether or not to hire him as our next pastor. We are pleased to report the church membership voted to hire him as our next senior pastor.


Thanks to all who made the extra effort to get to know them both and to pray about the decision. Thanks for all the participation in this event.


Pastor Glenn starts with our church April 1 and will be preaching Easter Sunday. He and Donna are making preparations to move from Bad Axe to the area and their move may take a couple weeks. Once he moves to the area, he will have normal office hours at the church and you can come see him at the church office once that happens. We will let you know when that begins.


Thanks to everyone who was patient while we searched for a new pastor. Thanks to everyone who continued to faithfully server the church in whatever capacity God called you to serve. We appreciate and honor your service. We thank you.


Thanks to Curt Dalaba who came to officiate the business meeting.


Jerry for the church board and pulpit committee.