The Anointing

Blessings on the beautiful spring day!

We are living in a day and time where everyone wants to accomplish great things in life. Everyone is chasing success and power. Even in the church people have a strong desire to do the will of God on earth for themselves. But people do not understand that it is not going to be accomplished through your own power or strength. Zechariah 4:6 states that it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit (who produces the anointing).

The anointing is an empowerment from God through the Holy Spirit which causes the believer to become fruitful, powerful, conquering, successful, spiritual and blessed to accomplish God’s purpose and plan for your life, it’s our spiritual strength. You cannot fulfill God’s purpose and plan for your life without the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The anointing transforms you from natural to supernatural, from weak to strong and from fearful to faith-filled. The anointing is going to make the difference in your life and in the life of our church. When we begin to tap into that anointing in the days ahead you will experience a lifting off of your shoulders heaviness that the enemy has placed there to keep you bound. If you will allow the anointing to do its job and you will not try to make things happen in your own strength. The Spirit is going to empower you to accomplish the purpose of God for your life and will bring you into a blessed life in Christ Jesus. 

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we begin teaching on …

                                                  “The Anointing.”

Bring a Friend…take the time to pray and call someone and invite them to worship this week!!!


You are Loved,

Pastor Glenn & Donna


In the KNOW!!!


  1. We have been able to secure a home in Milan…PTL!!! We will be moving in on Saturday April 28th. We are so thankful for the Lords direction.


  1. HELP…we are in need of a crew to help us offload our moving truck Saturday morning starting at 9am in Milan. If you are able to assist please respond to this message and we will get you the directions.


  1. We are asking for you to share with us the names of any family members or friends that lost their lives while serving our country in the military. We are planning for a beautiful memorial service May 20th in our worship service. Please try to have a picture and a little information turned in by May 13th.


  1. I want to thank our incredible ministry team for your faithfulness. Every teacher, church cleaner, usher, worship team member, sound booth member, maintenance helper…EVERY ONE who serves…Thank you for your service to our wonderful assembly. You are appreciated!