The Presence of Jesus

I recently read an article by Minnie McNeal titled “The Presence of Jesus.”


She stated…“When the storms of life are raging in our lives, and the rushing winds and violent waves seem to overtake us, when all hope seems to vanish, where do we turn? No matter the difficulty, no matter the circumstance, it is in the presence of Jesus that we find peace, direction, and calm assurance.”


No matter the difficulty, no matter the circumstance, it is in the presence of Jesus that we find peace, direction, and calm assurance.

She is right, I love that!


I am learning more clearly every day that only in the presence of Jesus; the anointing of the Holy Spirit is released over our lives. My prayer for our Community of Christ Followers here at Saline 1st AG is that we are individually are catching this truth as well. Many people are desiring the anointing of the Holy Spirit but refuse to take time to be in the presence of Jesus regularly. Never forget that it is the anointing that enlarges our spirit and breaks yokes. But first, it the presence of Jesus that opens heaven over our lives that brings the anointing.


Let me encourage you today, if your life seems to be filled with storms that are rushing through your life like violent winds, I would suggest that you take some time to get quiet before the Lord and spend some much-needed time in worship so that there would be an opportunity for the anointing to destroy your yoke, whatever it may be.


Never forget In His (Jesus) presence is fullness.


You are loved,

Pastor Glenn & Donna


In the Know:

  1. May 16th – Wednesday evening @ 6:30pm I would like to invite you to join with us  at our Coffee Café in the west wing of the education area, as we begin a new study entitled “I Dare You” I Dare you is about spreading the Gospel one challenge at a time. You will be challenged to be Gospel -centered, Spirit – empowered, and personally responsible for the mission of God as you help your friends open the door to faith in Jesus. Jesus left the world 2000 years ago, but He is still daring the world to follow Him. Make plans to be with us… “I dare You!”  


  1. May 20thHonoring those who have served our county and have paid the ultimate price.


  1. June 2ndfrom 9am – 1pm Will be our Spring Clean Day. Please make plans to join your Saline 1st family as we honor the Lord by caring for His house. All hands-on deck please, we need your help.


  1. June 10th We will be having an all church fellowship dinner following our morning worship. This would be a great opportunity for you to invite a friend or family member along for worship and lunch following.